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A Warm Welcome to St Anthony's Catholic School

Principals Welcome

Greetings and a warm welcome to St Anthony’s Catholic School, Huntly.  St Anthony’s is an integrated Catholic Primary School catering for children from new entrants to year eight.  

St Anthony’s is a place where children have positive learning experiences, a place where we can nurture learning and celebrate achievement. 

Learning in all curriculum areas is our core focus, and we are committed to offering future-focused learning opportunities that allow students to access a range of technologies.  The teaching staff have a range of expertise, interests and experience. The staff at St Anthony’s work as a team using a collaborative approach to help children achieve success. 

We are proud of our history and heritage and value the strong bond that exists with St Anthony’s Parish.  Our school was established in 1914 following the paralyzing coal strike, which impacted the Huntly community for a considerable time.  February 2, 1914, was a day of celebration for all those involved and St. Anthony’s Catholic School opened its doors.  Our school is named in memory of Anthony Ralph, whose wife Margaret and daughter Sarah saw the need for a Catholic school, donated the land, and ensured everything that was needed for a Catholic school was available.


Since its opening, the school has seen many changes including shifting to our current site at 102 Bailey St in 1986.  While we have seen many changes here at St Anthony’s our values have remained the same.  Students here at St Anthony’s are encouraged to be Christ-like in their actions.  That as a follower of God – they are never alone.  We believe it is "cool to be Catholic" and encourage them to be courageous and stay strong within their faith.

The school provides a safe and supportive environment for all students. We are a wonderfully diverse school made up of many different cultures. We actively seek to connect with our parents to build positive partnerships.  

We look forward to you finding out more about what a Catholic Education can offer your family and together we can create the best possible pathway for your child.

Nga mihi 

Louise Graafhuis

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