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Cold Stories

Posted on 25 July 2012

Room Three have been writing about a time when they were extremely cold. Here are some of our stories.

   Cold Netball

I woke up to the sound of my Dad's voice calling "wake up!" I got out of bed to the freezing cold. My window was covered in ice and my fingers were numb, so were my toes. I had layers and layers of clothes on and I could hardly move.

We went outside. It was windy and chilly, and I got drenched just walking to the car. We drove to Taupiri in the nice, warm car. I felt like I was in a hot pool all relaxed.

When we got out of the car I was an ice-block. All I wanted to do was stay in the car. My shoes would say "squish, squish, squish" with every step. Where ever I looked I could see mud and more mud.

It was time to play our first game of netball. My body was numb and I had pins and needles in my hands. When I came off the court I had a hot milo and dried off. I was water about to freeze! When the game ended I could not wait to get home to have a hot bath.

When I walked into the house I was ice melting into water it was so warm. Finally I had a bath. I felt like I was cookies in the oven ready to be eaten. When I was fresh and clean I had some hot soup that warmed my tummy. After all this I sat down on the couch and watched T.V and enjoyed the rest of my day.

By: Stella


Sunday Night

It was Sunday night and I was in bed freezing to death even though the blanket was wrapped around me and I had on three more thick blankets. Jaynie and I were talking, both wrapped up as snug as two fat caterpillars. We both couldn't sleep because the rain was drumming hard on the roof and the wind was whistling hard in our ice-cold ears.

Whenever one of us fell asleep, the other banged on the bed to wake them up, afraid of being lonely and afraid of the nightmares that would haunt you, full of loud thunder and lightening. With the sound of rain drumming in my ears I finally fell into a peaceful sleep.

It was morning and light rain was tip-tapping on the roof. I felt happy and cheerful as the rain had almost gone and darkness was asleep. But then I realized that I was still a fat, wrapped up caterpillar. "Time to spread those wings little butterfly" I thought even though I was sweating and red in the face. With all my strength I kicked the heavy blankets away. I felt as free as a butterfly, happy that the horrible nightmare was arrested by the happy thoughts police.

By: Katy


The holidays

In the holiday, the first Sunday my face felt like it was on fire as I made my way down to the lake. I took twelve steps and then I was puffed like a dog. "Dad please can I have a piggy back" I said but Matthew was already on. I decided to get my energy food. My energy food was a banana, a sandwich, an orange and a drink of powerade. So we got to the wharf and I drank the water out of the lake. There was a fish in my mouth!

When we got to the car I touched the door handle and said owww!! "Dad can you open the car?" In the car it was like a microwave. When we got home I had a cold bath. It was fun to go to Lake Puketirini.

By: James


Cold and Windy

One day in the holidays it was raining. We went to school because it was nearly school time and I stayed at E.J.'s house. It was really cold outside and windy so we didn't play outside. We just sat in the house because it was warm inside. Then my Mum said "its time to go home" so I went inside the car then we went home.

At home it was flooding in the driveway outside and my sister said "what is that?" "It is only a flood" I said to my sister. Then we went up the stairs to look at it. Then we ate hot fries. It was yum because they are hot and very tasty.

By: Rainald


Chilly Day

It was a cold chilly day and the windows were wide open. I was so cold that I got up and brushed my teeth while the rest were having breakfast. "Dad" I yelled, "can I use the hot water?" "Sure" said Dad. "Where's the soap" I yelled. "In the cupboard" someone yelled back. I turned the tap on and washed my face. I went into the kitchen to have breakfast before getting changed for the day. After breakfast I got changed and went to borrow my brothers sockas and gloves. He was ok with it. Then I made a hot cup of tea. It started to pour down with rain. I looked out and saw kids playing outside. I  was still so cold that I had three blankets on and wouldn't take them off or share the blanket with my brothers and sisters. I lay down on the couch and enjoyed the rest of the day.

By: Ahi


A Cold Morning

Brrrrr its freezing! "Mum do I really have to go to Oscar today?" I said as I tucked myself under the blanket. "Come on, you'll be alright." Oscar is a holiday programme that I go to. "But mum its six degrees outside." "When you get up out of bed you will be able to sit in front of the heat-" before she even finished her sentence I was halfway down the hall. I won't be frozen anymore!

"Come on, you're practically sitting on the heater" my Mum said, trying to organise everything. "Just get up, sit at the table and eat your nutri-grain and hot chocolate." Hot chocolate! Yay, yay, yay! I ran up to the table and started eating. "Mum where is my hot chocolate?" I asked. "It is at McDonalds, we will get it on the way to Oscar" said Mum. So we got into our car that felt like and ice-block and shivered our way to McDonalds.

By: Amy


A Windy Day

On the first Tuesday of the holidays we went to the supermarket. After the supermarket Granddad came over and we had to drop him off next door with the groceries still in the car. It was so windy that when we got home we had to take the groceries and push hard through the wind. I nearly fell on the ground and even one of the neighbours recycling bins blew over to our house! It was so hard to walk. It was like walking up Mount Everest!

I had to close all the windows and doors. I thought the windows would break and our cats would walk over the glass. Then we also had to pick up my sister from Papakura and it didn't rain on the way there, but it poured with rain once we got to Papakura. We had to drive down this steep hill that was extremely muddy. I thought we were going to get stuck in the mud. The camp was going to do a performance for us but they cancelled it because of the rain so then we had to leave. Luckily we got up the hill in the car.  When we got home we covered ourselves in clothes and turned the heater on. We had to stay inside all day because it was so cold and rainy.             

By: Alex


Cold Camp

I woke up in a freezing cold cabin. It was like a massive ice block, too big to eat. The windows were smothered with white ice. I finally found my socks and put them on and then I found my fluffy boots and jammed them on too. I walked outside too see that the greenest grass ever was now the whitest grass ever. It was almost as white as my school blouse when it is clean.

I took of my boots and walked into the barn prepared for a yummy breakfast. I could almost hear the toast in the oven yelling "get me out of here; put me out of my misery." So it was put out of its misery by mouthfuls of hungry kids. I pulled on my boots and walked outside to see that it was extremely foggy.

Could you imagine standing in the middle of fog with just your friend? Just imagine it. "Wow, I have never seen so much fog before. I can't even see the stables from here." I complained to Kyra. "I know" she said. "What about the horses. They are probably thinking 'get me out of this weather. I feel like an ice cube getting ready to freeze in water'." Kyra replied. Then we walked inside.

"I feel so puffed out. I can hardly breathe" I complained to Kyra. "Breathe! BREATHE!! You must be kidding me. What about your hands." Kyra said surprized. "They hurt too" I replied. Now you must be wondering why my hands hurt and I can't really breathe.  It is because we had such a fun time on the playground doing activities with our cabins. My cabin came second overall for the points.

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww" I yelled. "What happened this time" Kyra yelled back. "Mini Monty bit me!" Kyra walked away from Jagia. "For the third time today, aren't you sick of panicking and yelling?" "Kind of," I replied. "So how was vaulting" Kyra asked. "So much fun I love horse vaulting," I bragged. Kyra and I put away some brushes and then walked up to our cabin. Most people say breakfast is the most important meal of the day but I think it is dinner because it is the yummiest and most filling. I had a fun day but I hated the cold.            

By: Dannii


The holidays

One day it was a cold rainy morning. It was really cold. I had to put lots of clothes on. I had breakfast and then I went back to sleep because I was really sleepy and tired. Suddenly my brother came up and scared me like a ghost by saying "boo!!" We started having a pillow fight and when I smack my brother with the pillow he got knocked out. Then I started sleeping again until Dad woke me up and asked me "do you want to go watch a movie in the lounge?" It was Iron man. After the movie we had KFC because my dad bought some home. It was really yum.

By: E.J.


Being Cold

It was a cold chilly morning and I couldn't find my socks so I just got my brothers socks from his room even though they are too small for me. So I got back from my room and turned the heater on for about one hour while I was still searching for my socks. I went to all my wardrobes and mum called us for breakfast. I said to myself "Too bad Joyce, too bad you don't have your socks on" so I got out for breakfast without my socks on. After breakfast I asked my brother if he could put the T.V. on to channel 44 to watch Dora the Explorer (a cartoon movie).

After a few minutes mum called us. We had to go to E.J.'s house because mum was going to work. When we got there we were supposed to go outside to play but it started to rain so we just stayed inside. We had a bit of fun because we had our ipads with us, but then the sun came out. My brother and I called the sun "Mr Sun." E.J. and Jun said that we were weird calling the sun that.

By: Joyce


Cold Playground

On Wednesday Mum, Dad and I were outside.  It was extremely cold. We felt like ice cream. I ran like Spiderman to the playground. I put my hands on the flying fox. It was like Mr Freezer had sprayed the whole atmosphere and the playground and was trying to make us all into his dessert. "Ah! Ah! Ah!" It was minus 8 degrees and it was so cold. Then I came off the flying fox and my hands were crying of sadness because of how frosty it was. Then we left. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" I cried because I could get back to my warm comfy room.

By: Kevin


My Cold Day

When I woke up I said to mum "I am not getting up today". It was the first week of the holidays on Tuesday. I was nearly frozen to the tips of my fingers and to the tips of my toes. Mum had already gotten up and I don't know how she did it was so cold Brr!!. When my alarm went off it was as though I couldn't get up because my body was so frozen. I got up at about 6:40am when I should have gotten up at 6:30am. I got dressed and then we had to go to OSCAR and it was very cold in the OSCAR house even with the heater on. At about 10:30 we left to go to the museum and it was freezing the whole way and it was quite foggy. When we got there it was still quite foggy and raining a little bit and then at lunch time it was pouring down and our teacher got soaked because she went to go and put money in the parking box in the rain. The teachers had to drive to Pokeno so that we could get ice-cream and I also got some hot chips. It was still very rainy by then.

By Sara-Louise


Wellington's Cold Days.

"Aahh lala" I said when we were going to Wellington because my brother was trying to tell me about Mr. Fat and Mr. skinny, two made up characters.

Finally my brother stopped yelling. As soon as I realised my brother wasn't in the car, I opened the door and we were already there. What a good trip we had, not even! It was extremely long.

After a few minutes of stretching our legs we went to the hotel. The hotel was fabulous. We had an awesome view of Wellington city right outside our windows. The room also had a pool under the bed. There was food already waiting on the table for us when we arrived.

It was so windy in Wellington. I have never been around so much wind before!

By: Benjiman







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