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Shape Stories

Posted on 28 June 2012

Room two created shape pictures and they wrote stories about them. Read and learn about shapes.


"SHAKE IT UP" by Brodie

At shake it up Cece and Rocky, are at Chicago in the summer dance practice.

Gary Wild is the host. They have fake trees, a fake sun, and fake clouds. I used a circle and rectangles for the sun. I used different shapes for the stage. I used diamonds and rectangles for Gary Wild. I had squares, triangles, diamonds and rectangles for Cece and Rocky. In my picture Cece is holding an ice-cream! Rocky is dancing to the music after she got paid.

I have an awesome picture of shapes! 


Robot Station by Jun

 This is the robot station. There are 10 robots and they are practicing for battle. My team is Vinz and he has 10 robots. I use little squares for my robots. I use red rectangles for the body, legs and hands.

I also have an elf robot and I have 5 battle ships. I have 4 ultimate robots in my picture


A Spaceship by Solomone

My spaceship has lots of shapes. On my space ship it has squares, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, and half circles. It has a square door that can change different suites.


Mia's Wharf

My picture is about the wharf. For the water I used blue little squares and for the grass I used green little squares. For one of my boats I used a orange half circle for the bottom of my boat and for my flag pole I used a skinny red diamond and for my flag I used a little green triangle. For my second boat I used a green trapezoid for the bottom of my boat and for the top I used a big blue triangle. For my tree I used a green triangle for the tree stump and I used a red hexagon for the trees bush. For my house I used a yellow triangle roof and for the bottom of my house I used a big red square for my windows I used green, orange, blue and red squares and for my door I used a green rectangle.

My persons body is a red rectangle and his arms are blue triangles he has got a aqua circle head and a blue and red hexagon eyes a green triangle for the nose and a half circle for the mouth. For the clouds in the sky I used all sorts of blue shapes. For my sun I used a yellow trapezoid and for the shine coming off it I used two orange quarters of a circle.


The Big Forest by Frankie

  I used little squares for my sky.

For the sky I used a semi circle.

I had a big colourful bright circle for my trees.

I have one big colourful person whose name is Bob.

I have a big house for Bob to sleep in.

I have build some steps going the sun set and Bob can go enjoy the sun set .


The Park by Kayliana


At my park I have a sun and I have a tree too.

I also have clouds. I use a yellow half circle for my sun and

little triangles for the suns rays. I have a swing  and I have a slide.

I also have some stairs and I have a fake bed.

I have used some circles, triangles and squares in my picture.

I like my park so much.

The Shopping Mall by Pearl


I have shops, rides and people in my picture.

There are ice cream shops, shoe shops, toy shops, antique shops

and a beauty shop.I have squares for the doors and the stairs.

I have half a circle for the ice cream store.

I have triangles on the rest of the roofs.

The rectangles are the ground.

Did I mention that the walls of the shops are square too?

I thought not. I used diamond shapes for the hair and the arms of the person.

I used a triangle and a square for the ice cream that the person is holding.

I also used a funny shape for the ride the ride is a rocket.

The seat is a square.

The thing that makes the ride move is a diamond.

The Space Battle by Vinz

  One day there was an alarm in the space station the bad guys were coming; my team and Jun's team are from the same universe. We are together in the same team I have ten robots and Jun has ten robots too. I used one upside down triangle two big diamonds and two semi-circles. There are two robots called cyber 1236, Basher and 3478 Stryker cybot , they got one mini boat called Jumbo, he can fly and jump high and three mini robot helpers one tiger elf robot and two battle ships and two firefly ships. That is everyone in my team.

I like robots.










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