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Report Writing on Whales

Posted on 28 June 2012

Room two learnt to write reports this term. Enjoy reading their individual report about whales.


Whales by Vinz

Whales are mammals the biggest whale is the blue whale and it is very big. The smallest whale is the dwarf sperm whale which is an adult that is only 8.5 feet (2.6m) long. The blue whale is the largest animal that has ever existed on earth. It is larger than any of dinosaurs were. They are also the loudest animal on earth. All the whales I know are the Sperm whale, Killer whale, Blue whale, Hump Back whale, Baleen whale and a Whale shark. They are all warm blooded like us. Blue whales are bigger than  nine   story houses. A newborn blue whale is twenty five feet long. They eat three thousand to nine thousand pounds of food a day. It eats plankton, fish, walrus and seals. They are very long like a big bus.   Whales are very great animals.


  Report on Whales by Mia

Whales are mammals because they live in the water. Do you know?  Whales  are  as  big  as  a  9  story  house  and  if  you  and  your  friend  stretch  your  arms  out  together  that  is  how  big  a  baby  whale  is. They  are  so  heavy  and  big  that  they  don't   sink  in  water . They  float  and  rested  in  the  surface  of  the  water . They eat cute whales how sad. When they want to breathe they breathe through their blow holes. They jump up in the air and twirl. Wow!!!! How amazing! They are the loudest animal in the world.

 Blue whales

They make a whistling noise and it is louder than a jet plane. Do you know they are bigger than a dinosaur? Isn't that big! The blue whale is very rare because so many have been hunted by people. Their heart is the size of a small car. They eat plankton, krill and small fish. They are the largest animal in the world. They are found worldwide.

  Whales by Brodie 

The biggest whale is the blue whale. Whales are mammals. Blue whales are the loudest in the world. Whales breathe air into there lungs. Whales have four –chambered hearts. The blue whale is larger then any of the dinosaurs. Whales are warm blooded animals. They can jump in and out of the water. They eat loin cat fish, dog fish walrus other whales and sea otters. They have blow holes to breathe through. They can also float on water. They eat cute baby penguins, (how sad?)

There are whales that are called Hump Back Whales. There are whales called killer whales they can hurt you. The blue whales are louder then a jet plane. Blue whales eat plankton krill whales and small fish for the baby whales to eat. Blue whales are the largest whales on the earth.

The blue whale is very rare because so many have been hunted by people. A blue whales heart is the size of a small car. A baby blue whale is called a calf. Blue whales get bigger then 94 feet long.


Blue Whales    by  Solomone

Blue whales are bigger than dinosaur. They are 94 feet long. They don't have teeth. They are louder that jet planes.

A Blue whale can eat 3,000  pounds of plankton in  day.  They can breathe in through their lungs. In their blow holes, the water come out.  A blue whale can be wild mammal. It can be a  mother and lay eggs.

 Blue whale  by Kayliana

Blue whales are bigger that a house. They are louder than jet planes. They have two blow holes. They eat plankton and fish. Blue whales only predators are man. They don't have teeth.

 Whales by Isaak

 Whales eat penguins and seals too.(sad!) Whales are as big as a 9 story house. They breathe through their lungs.

Blue whales are big and are 94 feet long. They eat 3,000 to 9,000 pounds of food a day. They don't have teeth.

 Whales by Jun

Whales are bigger than dinosaur and they are 94 feet long. They are very loud. Whales have blow holes. Their babies are twenty five feet long. Whales can be found worldwide. Blue whales eat 3,000 pounds of food. Adult blue whales have no predators but man, but baby whales are sometimes hunted bt sharks and killer whales.


Blue Whales by Frankie

 A Blue whale is bigger than dinosaurs and they are long. They don't have teeth. They are the loudest animals. A baby whale is 25 feet long. They have two blow holes. They are found worldwide not only in the Atlantic ocean.

Whales by Pearl

   Whales are mammals. They are not fish. Whales are warm-blooded.

The biggest whale in the world is a Blue whale.They eat plankton, sea lions, walruses and other whales. They have blow holes and they used them to breath air. Baby whales are 2.6 meters in size. They jump out or in water. Whales are the loudest mammals.

Blue whales are bigger than any dinosaurs. Blue whales are 94 feet long. They don't have teeth and they are louder than jet planes. Blue whales eat plankton and fish. Baby whales are 25 feet long. They can swim 24 speed minute per hour. Blue whales can be found worldwide. Adult whales have no predators, but man. Blue whales have two blow holes, too.

Whales by Gabriel

Whales live in water. They are called mammals. Whales have no teeth. They are big as a house. The Blue whale is  bigger than dinosaur. Whales are louder than jet planes.


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