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Rhyming Poetry

Posted on 28 June 2012

Room 2 enjoys learning about rhyming words. Have fun reading their one lined rhyming poems.


Rhyming  Poems

My cat is black.

My cat likes to rock    By Pearl


I have a pig.

It likes to jig.      By Pearl


I have a cat that has a pet bat. 

He put the red rose in bed.  By Vinz     


My cat is fat. He ate a baseball bat. By Vinz


I had a magic hat. It jumped on my cat.

He stepped on a poop and got caught by a loop. By Vinz


I saw an eagle. It flew on a needle.  By Vinz


I have a cat. It has a bat.

She likes a hat. She likes me to give her a pat. By Solomone


When I feel yellow, I say hello.

I have a nose and it is shaped as a rose. By Mia


I ate a fly pie and it was my kai.  By Mia

My name is Polly and may I have a lolly?    By Mia

 I have a cane toad and may I name that a road.    By Mia

 My cat is black and I call it yak. By Brodie

 I went for a walk and I saw a big hawk.  By Brodie

 I have a dog that went on a blog. By Brodie

 I have a cat that is shaped like a mat. By Brodie


 I have a hat and it fell on my cat. By Jun

 After the flood, there is mud. By Jun

 I have a cat and it is fat. By Jun


 My cat eats mice and it has big eyes. 

By Kaliana

 I have a cat and it likes to sleep on a mat. 

By Kaliana


 My cat is funny and she likes honey. By Gabriel

 I have a magic mat and it can make a bat.

 By Gabriel


  I heard the door, bang! Then the bell goes clang! 

By Frankie

  My cat has a hat. He wants a rat.

He is fat and wants to sleep on a mat.  

 By Misieli


 Whenever I play baseball,I hit the wall. 

By Isaak





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